How to use

Hello parents!

Welcome to the world of MysticLand. This is an education platform for your kids to learn about the world and discover something new everyday. Our aim is to help all our kids go beyond curriculum based learning. What if they could explore the world, learn about different destinations, get inspired by stories of famous people and their achievements. Even become aware by knowing current affairs everyday. Through this platform we want to build smart, globally responsible citizens of tomorrow. 


You are paying for 3 things: a set of worksheets, an augmented reality app and a newspaper subscription
Each destination comes with a set of 24 to 30 pages. In these pages you will see many puzzles ranging from questions to be answered to create a fact sheet, locate the country on the world map using coordinates, word games of important landmarks, quiz on history, flora and fauna, food. Even a detailed section on a craft activity to create an icon of that destination. 


When we built these sheets, we realised it is impossible to know these answers without help. And we don't want our kids to google them without our supervision. So we built a fun app that comes free with your purchase. This app has a one on one correspondence with these sheets and will guide your child exactly where to go to find this information. You see learning is complete when your child reads, assimilates this information and puts it on paper!
To keep things fun, we have added an augmented reality challenge where each destination has a unique mystical / character to be unlocked. Your child can do this by opening the AR challenge on the app, moving inside your house and finding secret stickers that appear only on the phone screen just like Pokemon Go!


We have been talking to a lot of parents who came back with very specific feedback. They said they want their kids to complete these worksheets over time. Take 12 to 14 days, give them a sheet a day which will help them learn about one element. Also, these sheets come with cut and paste activities that can be quite bad if our kids have to tear them from a book.
Some parents have also told us that they use these sheets as a reward for being good that day and encourage healthy screen time. 


Your money also gives you access to The MysticPost - a digital newspaper written for kids that gets published twice a week and one fun fact on other days. This newspaper is not like the others. It isn't about general knowledge. It's about news. Handpicked articles across world, politics, science and technology, environment, nature, travel, business, ancient wisdom and even the concept of money to promote fiscal responsibility. This is currently a closed WhatsApp group sending one text a day only (no spam) with limited participants. One of our mysticals Scorch will send you a text. If you would like to continue, you add Scorch to your contacts. 
So your one time purchase gets your child access to daily content. Because learning about the world should be an everyday habit.